Babysitters in West Hartford! We’re your best choice!

My sister, Keely (12), and I, Abby (14), have been babysitting together for over two years and have helped with children in our Family Martial Arts business, SuperKids Karate & Life Skills, in West Hartford, CT since we were kids! We enjoy taking care of children and we would love to help you with yours. We are trained in First Aid, certified in CPR and have babysitting licenses, so your child will always be safe with us. What makes Keely and I different from other babysitters is, our full attention will be on the kids. We don’t use our phones unless it’s to communicate with you, the parent. We also have a ton of crafts and activities we can do with your kids such as making bracelets and slime, drawing, learning/playing instruments, we are able to make ceramic pottery and paint them, and we can even teach them how to sew! Keely and I love school and do well in it, so we can help with homework and tutoring (especially learning to read)! In summary, your kids will have great time and we will engage them in activities that will capture their imagination greatly! If you are in or near West Hartford and are in need of great, capable, babysitters, put your email in the box below for more information on our services, schedule, and the latest news on how we’re helping kids learn and grow! And we’ll give you a link to our new book, Keely’s 103 Pomeranians on Amazon that kids have been loving!