Early childhood experiences make us who we are…

Give your Kids the Spring CAMP experience they will remember when they are 82

Spring Vacation Camp will meet during West Hartford April vacation. Monday-Friday, April 11 through April 15…..8:30am to -3:15pm at SuperKids Academy, 276 Park Road… (yes! We will have or normal martial art schedule going for the length of the CAMP, however, we will be meeting at 276 park road for every class the whole week).

(Let us know if you need to bridge the gap from regular school pickup to end of your work day and the start of our Afternoon Martial Art Classes and Dance Classes and we will find a way to help you…)

Our children will enjoy structured dance, art, and cooperative game activities as well as group reading time, music, poetry, MONKEY BARRE! (Jim invented this in fourth grade which was like ancient history ago and Abby and Keely have been helping to refine it for modern times… we want all our kids to have a hand in creating something new and interesting)….and SNACK and….everyones favorite…. TEA! (side note: its not even that good, so someone please help me understand why kids like TEA! So much?)

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